Antonelli, Harrington & Thompson focuses its practice on patent litigation. The firm’s attorneys not only have the backgrounds necessary to understand the most sophisticated technologies, they also have deep experience handling—and winning—patent cases. Together, the firm’s founding attorneys have more than thirty years of experience representing the world’s leading companies in their most important patent cases. At Antonelli, Harrington & Thompson we approach each case as if it will be tried. Everything we do is designed to convince a jury or judge that we are right. When you are represented by Antonelli, Harrington & Thompson, opposing parties will know that you are willing to take the case all the way to trial if necessary.

We are uniquely situated to achieve the best results at the lowest prices. We reject the pyramid structure traditionally used by law firms. When you hire us, your case will not be staffed by young, inexperienced associates, billing at high rates. Nor will it be led by senior partners who are not immersed in the details of your case. Rather, a lean team of experienced attorneys—with personal stakes in your case—will work it from start to finish, achieving efficiencies that are simply not possible in big law firms.

We share the risk with our clients. We do not want to bill by the hour, and we do not think there is any good reason for clients to pay hourly bills. We prefer to work for a contingency fee so that our time and effort are rewarded when we win. When a contingency fee does not make sense, we prefer a fixed fee. Our pricing model aligns our interests with our clients—we want to achieve the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost.